What’s the Buzzzzz on Teacher Training?

July 26, 2018

"Teacher training is not just for those who want to become yoga teachers, but also for those looking to deepen their understanding of the practice and learn how to apply yoga principles to their everyday life."
– Jason Crandell

senior-women-yogaYoga Teacher Training seems to be the buzz these days. Everybody’s doing it – or so it seems. College students, school teachers, stay-at-home moms, grandmas, corporate employees, small business owners, attorneys, fitness trainers, physical therapists, psycho-therapists, massage therapists, physicians, nurses, and even those that have already been teaching yoga for a number of years. There is no boundary to who may enroll.

I am often asked, “Are there too many yoga teachers?” and that tells me there is a very large misconception around this course of study.

Are Universities pumping out too many students? Should we place a limit on our education? Of course not. We all know how important it is to continue learning and growing and stretching ourselves in new ways if we want to enjoy a vibrant life and graceful aging.

Allow me to once again clarify that:

Yoga is so much more than a pose.
And Yoga Teacher Training is so much more than getting a Teaching Certificate.

TOWNSEND_NRUBY-15It is an opportunity dive deeper into the practice and philosophical teachings of this ancient art and science, which first and foremost will strengthen the practitioner’s personal understanding and application of yoga. This results in possessing a treasure chest of tools that support physical health, emotional wellbeing, intellectual clarity, and spiritual fulfillment.

Over the past 20 years and 47 trainings, I have witnessed this body of knowledge manifesting into living a more authentic, skillful, fulfilling life for each student that remains dedicated to the path. Whether or not the training leads to a formal teaching position, we are all teachers for one another simply by the example of how we live and breathe. Therefore, I encourage anyone with the desire to develop a deeper relationship with themselves to consider an in-depth study of Yoga.

Establishing a daily practice of self-reflection, developing consistent self-care practices, and clarifying a personal code of ethics transforms into a more balanced, joyful life and a positive influence for others thus becoming the change we want to see in the World.

Now that you know the benefits, how do you choose a program that is right for you?

TOWNSENDCOLLECTIVE-YOGAMOTION-18According to the national guidelines set by Yoga Alliance, the basic training level for Yoga Teacher Training consists of 180 classroom hours plus 20 hours of home study distributed among the following:

  • Techniques, Training & Practice
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics
  • Practicum

How those 200 hours are distributed and presented is where you will find a vast difference in the experience and results of this foundational training.

Here are some examples along with my personal perspective on the pros and cons of each:

ON-LINE TRAINING - total hours vary depending on the program

  • Pro: Convenient, self-led, low cost, stay at home 

  • Con: No direct contact with teachers and peers, lots of personal motivation required to stay on course, not recognized by Yoga Alliance.

THREE-WEEK INTENSIVE – approx. 10 hours a day

  • Pro: Complete immersion without distraction, doubles as a vacation
  • Con: Lacks lifestyle integration and personal practice, amount of information can be overwhelming.

FIVE-WEEK IMMERSIONS – includes days off

  • Pro: Complete immersion without distraction, doubles as a vacation
  • Con: Lacks lifestyle integration and personal practice, long time away from home, increased cost due to travel and residential fees.

TWO-PART TRAININGS – 14-day Immersions (100 hours each) with weeks or months between the two sessions

  • Pro: Shorter time away from home, allows for integration of information during the break through home study and personal practice and shared teaching
  • Con: Retention rate drops for returning students. Commitment required for home study portion.

NINE MODULES – 3 or 4 day weekends over 5 - 9 months

  • Pro: Easily integrated with family and job responsibilities, time to digest material during the month between modules, personal at-home practice established. Attending locally lowers time and travel investment.
  • Con: Unexpected events over a longer period of time may cause early withdrawal.

Each of these options will certainly expand your knowledge and have an effect on your relationship with yoga. The difference I find in these options is how much information you can absorb and integrate over time. The BIG question is:

download your personal assessmentWhat are you looking for?

To help you decide, I created a PERSONAL ASSESSMENT FORM that will clarify in your best choice. You can download it here >>>  

Where does YogaMotion’s training fit in?

Since 1998, we have offered the YogaMotion 200-hour Training in several of the above formats. Our current programming has become refined through witnessing real-time results. To truly absorb and apply the broad spectrum of Yoga, the extended format of 9 modules over 8 months truly delivers a richer, more fully integrated, experience and lifestyle transformation as well as allowing time to develop professional teaching skills. Over the next nine weeks I will elaborate on each of these 9 modules in our Sunday blog.

TOWNSENDCOLLECTIVE-YOGAMOTION-11For those who prefer an immersive event, YogaMotion Academy will be offering a training next summer in a two-part format (in addition to our Nine Module, Oct – June, program). The curriculum will remain true to my beliefs in the importance of personal practice and integration. You can review the details here >>>

Find the right Yoga Teacher Training program for you CLICK HERE for our free personal assessment. 

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