What is Yoga?

November 03, 2016

During every YogaMotion Teacher Training students write a paper on "What is Yoga?". It is their interpretation of what Yoga is for them. I love to read these papers and am often deeply moved by their heartfelt words. Following is an excerpt from one of them that I have read and re-read with joy and gratitude for this path of Yoga and the opportunity to share it with so many beautiful yogis of all ages and backgrounds. Namaste.


pink-heartLife is a very busy thing and it is easy to spend all your time doing things you have to do to survive in this world. It is not a comfortable thing when you find yourself spending your whole day completing a list that never seems to end. Eventually you look back and wonder where the time went. It may feel like you’ve just been going through the motions, or that you haven’t had fun for so long you feel depressed. You are detached from yourself. It is painful emotionally and physically to be in this state. It feels like the flame of your should has been put out.

That is why I found Yoga.

Because the feelings of depression and anxiety where ruining the quality of my life. For me it (Yoga) is the opportunity to detach from thoughts and feelings that no longer serve me. By devoting time daily to my practice I am devoting time to myself. I am able to step back from my to do list and get centered and clear. I can get to know myself again.

This helps me to step back into my daily life with more grace and joy. I can accomplish tasks with greater motivation knowing that I still have time for myself.

This is how I heal my mind, heart and soul.

- DC 2016


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