What do you want most?

August 13, 2016
Nancy-Tahoe-ReunionFlowing through the final days of summer, I am presently immersed in family and friends at the stunning shoreline of Lake Tahoe. Soaking up the sun, the love, the laughter, we are celebrating the ties that keep our tribe bound together throughout the generations. The key tie connecting this family is FUN, Our talent show competition along with an amateur golf tournament proved that we all love to show up, cheer each other on and create the best of times.

Tribe is the term I give to all the various social circles in my life, and I am thankful to be a part of so many. We have a tribe gathering to address our relationship with conscious aging and dying - The Final Savasana. We have a tribe gathering to learn more meditation and leadership skills – Beauty and the Blissed.

We are forming our newest teachers’ tribe with YogaMotion – one that will merge into the larger circle of those that have stepped onto the path of Yoga to not only enrich their lives but to offer support for others to do the same. YogaMotion’s 45thTeacher Training is now full with a waiting list as I look for a larger venue to allow a few more peeps to enroll.

Why so much interest in Yoga Teacher Training? Even if you don’t feel a desire to teach Yoga, this in-depth training has helped hundreds of people to enrich their physical health, emotional wellbeing, and soul-powered purpose in life. That is why we call it LIFE ENRICHMENT.

I found a poll regarding what Americans want most out of life and amazingly enough, the practices and attitudes developed through Yoga have a way of supporting each of those desires with deeper meaning than the list may at first represent.


Creating new habits and shifting paradigms is not always easy, and it is through the support of others that we refine our actions, clarify beliefs and celebrate our successes. Do you have a tribe of support? Are you seeking a circle of like-minded individuals? Are you ready to uplevel your health and happiness?

It is my desire to support your wellbeing through the teachings and practices of Yoga, and thereby enrich the wellbeing of our planet. Thanks for being a part of this social networking tribe. May you live your life to the fullest.


P.S. Do you have specific questions or topics of interest that you would like me to address? Please share them here and I will add them to upcoming issues.


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