What are you waiting for?

August 04, 2019

fortune-don't-waitWorking with students in the 200 hour Life Enrichment and Teacher Training is one of the most rewarding parts of my job as a Yoga Educator. We have copious amounts of fun  - imagine exploring and laughing with the willingness to try new things outside your comfort zone within a supportive tribe. It is deeply transformational on so many levels while wonderful friendships get forged. The YogaMotion faculty takes pride in the richness of our curriculum. They empower our students to develop their own, unique relationship to the vast teachings of yoga, and to speak and teach from that authentic place. 

Now is the time if you're serious about your practice and teaching yoga at a high level. Our Fall training is just around the corner and the sooner you commit, the sooner you can prepare yourself for a journey of a lifetime. I encourage you to go for it and apply today! After facilitating 49 trainings over 21 years, I can guarantee you will be deeply gratified. Just read the testimonials from our graduates. Still uncertain? Schedule a free 20-minute strategy call with me today.  

This training is for you if: 

Your primary desire is to learn, study, practice, and be curious about yoga, while also gaining the skills to share knowledgeably and teach professionally. 

imagesWhether it is a course in Wellness Education, Yoga Teacher Training, or a desire to know yourself more deeply, whatever your heart is longing for, why are you waiting?  If you wait too long for the perfect moment, the perfect moment may never appear.
I encourage you to listen to your heart's calling,

With Love,



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