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March 14, 2019

drinking-horse-springCan you feel it? Spring IS in the air…

Although we are still buried in mounds of snow and the clouds seem relentless in their production of precipitation, all of us at the YogaMotion Wellness Academy are feeling our roots stretching out far and wide as creative collaboration is budding forth. Even though our outer landscape portrays a sense of winter, the season of Spring is truly upon us as we experience rapid growth from the inside out.

Having planted the seeds of our YMWA vision, Turi, Sara and I found ourselves in need of additional woman-power in order to fully manage the sprouting evolution that is upon us. We press our hands to our hearts in deep gratitude and appreciation as our YM Collective (aka management hub) welcomes two familiar faces into two new positions.

Jen Brick walking-2-1YogaMotion Teacher Training Graduate, Jen Brick, joins our team as Marketing Director/Community Connector. She brings a breadth of experience as an Entrepreneur, Success & Reinvention Coach, Marketer, and Yoga Instructor. Since earning her RYT200 certification in 2014, she has taught Intro to Yoga at MSU, owned & operated a SUP Yoga & “Snowga” business, and now focuses her energy on Mindset & Reinvention Coaching. In addition to spreading the word about YMWA, she is excited to share her own knowledge of how to uplevel one’s life through the lens of yoga and wellness.

Come April, Jen will be teaching a noon time yoga practice that offers key steps to developing your own home practice. She will also launch our Intro to Yoga series on Wednesday evenings. Stay tuned for announcements on her specialty workshop offering a unique blended perspective of yoga and mindset coaching. If you are a business wanting to add a wellness incentive to your workplace this, too, is a part of Jen’s community outreach. Feel free to contact her at jen@yogamotion.com

Heather-1Due to these burgeoning activities at YMWA we are pleased to announce that Heather West has joined our YM Collective as the new On-Site Manager. You may recognize Heather as the owner of Montana Lotus Center (MLC). Her experience with connecting to community members interested in sharing their offerings is an asset we are delighted to add to our YM Collective. When she is not managing space at MLC, you will see her at YMWA on Mondays and Fridays helping to enrich our welcoming atmosphere by supporting our team of teachers, collaborating event presenters, and nurturing all of you, our YMWA community. She looks forward to connecting and listening to any of your questions, concerns, or requests regarding our space and our programming.

She will also step in to teach on Monday afternoons in our Slow Flow Yoga classes designed especially for the Bozeman School District teachers and employees which are open to the public as well. Feel free to reach out to Heather when she is on-site or email her at heather@yogamotion.com.

Since opening our doors in January, we have expanded our team of teachers to offer a broad curriculum of classes, courses, workshops, trainings, and gatherings. Our community is blossoming with the intention of providing wellness education for both personal and professional development. We are sharing practices, discussions, inspirations, challenges, and overarching awakenings to all that helps us truly come alive.

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 10.31.45 AM-1What is it that makes you come alive? What inspires your growth and enthusiasm? How can YMWA support your highest potential?

We’d love to hear from you. We have created a simple survey to help with that exchange. Plus, in appreciation for the time you devote to sharing your input, we will enter you into our drawing to win a $108 gift certificate to the YogaMotion Event of your choice. Plus, every entry will receive a flex class coupon. Everybody wins!

CLICK HERE for the survey.

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive – and do that because the world needs more people who have come alive."

We look forward to sharing the joys of growth and expansion – both inside and out.

Be the grandest version of you!

With love,



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