Wellness Evolution

May 28, 2019

Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 8.55.49 PMTalkin' about a Wellness Evolution
by Nancy Ruby

Along with the slow emergence of Spring, our YMWA Community is truly blossoming. It seems we, of Bozeman’s past, are finding each other again amidst the gentrification of our once blighted neighborhood. Yes, “I lived here when….” Bozeman was still a small cowboy town.

The Northeast neighborhood somehow holds that same small-town energy. I find it drawing in many others from days gone by as I often run into old friends at Wild Crumb Bakery and Fink’s Deli. What a joy! It is delightful to be at home with YogaMotion now located in the Bon Ton Flour Mill district. Having launched the first Yoga classes in Bozeman in the early 80’s, a familiar statement I hear from these chance social encounters is, “you were my first.” First yoga teacher that is. And hopefully, not the last.

There are now dozens of teachers and studios in town offering a plethora of approaches to what has been an ancient art and science. It may be getting a bit diluted in its approach, yet Yoga is spreading and that’s a good thing.

Our aim is at YMWA is to offer a very personalized approach.  All of our Certified Yoga Instructors teach with clarity, compassion and a desire to empower others in living a vibrant, easeful, soulful life. Each class focuses on serving those that are present. Practices are based on functional movement, internal awareness, wisdom teachings, and the balance of effort and ease. We also encourage one-on-one sessions to focus on personal needs, interests, and abilities, along with lifestyle coaching to nourish body and soul.  

Our approach to the group experience favors silence over sound, slow vs flow, articulation of alignment vs complex choreography. Our desire is to fill in the gap by creating an environment conducive to the over 50 crowd. We are seeing that need being filled as the women (and a few good men) are stepping through our doors finding, not only Yoga, but a much-desired social platform for fun, laughter and friendship.

Yes, the baby boomer generation is making up the majority of our students, with a sprinkling of 30 and 40-somethings along with our honored 80+ yoginis. All are welcome. Due to the individualized approach, this is a safe and effective environment for newbies to learn the keys to functional movement and oldies to maintain their strength and mobility while also addressing any limitations or injuries.


We also cater to those that desire more in-depth studies and professional training in the traditions and philosophical teachings of Yoga and Ayurveda along with today’s Superfood Nutrition. The happy group above shared a weekend studying The Science of Yoga with Physical Therapy trainer, Dr. Ali Ramirez. Our Teacher Trainings focus on Wholistic Health Education and continue to be multi-generational spanning across five or six decades. We bridge the gap and create profound connections between the various stages and ages of life – from students (ages 15 – 25) to householders (25 – 50) to the retiring “forest dwellers” (50 – 75). Age knows no boundaries in the fields Yoga, Health and Healing. This is truly a life enriching path.

We are pleased to also be offering Yoga Courses for Traumatic Brain Injury, special class packages for Cancer Survivors from the CSC, year-round wellness packages for our Teachers and Employees of the Bozeman School District, and a deeply discounted one-on-one Intro session for all. Yoga was originally taught one-on-one in order to attend to the unique interests and needs of each student. We want to reinstate that approach in both Yoga and Lifestyle Engineering to procure beneficial results.

We do not consider our facility a “yoga studio". We prefer to clarify our branding as the Wellness Academy that we are. A place to learn about how to apply yourself to various practices and wholistic self-care habits that enrich the quality of life.

Taking time to refine one’s own approach helps to avoid injuries, heal imbalances, and integrate modifications in order to step into any guided group practice with an intimate connection to your own body. This makes Yoga even more accessible as well as safe and therapeutic on many levels.  Our Wellness Academy is a place for learning and applying life skills and alternative healing modalities through physiological, psychological, and spiritual exploration.

YogaMotion Wellness Academy is filling the niche for specialized Yoga Therapy and Wellness Services. Our primary intention is to foster an educational platform for well being.  Having a beautiful facility in which to nurture our Bozeman community serves our mission to be of women-world-peace-1024x1024service by inspiring and empowering others in living a vibrant, easeful, soulful lives.

For the past 20 years YogaMotion, in all its reiterations, has nurtured a broad base of practicing yogis, yoga teachers and wellness educators that  now stretch across the country. We look forward to cultivating more opportunities for health and healing within our new Bozeman location. I invite you to step in and become a part of it all. We are doing this for YOU and your loved ones and for the well-being of our planet. 

Thank you for joining together to be a part of our evolution. 

Join our GRAND OPENING FESTIVITIES on Sunday, June 30   Anytime 9:00 - 5:00 
Event Schedule for the day soon to be released!

In Joy, 



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