Truckin' to Thailand

April 25, 2013

After selling my trusty Chevy last Fall, aka the YogaMotion Truck, I stashed the cash for some unknown adventure and it was then that the Universe began to secretly unwrap the makings of a vision into reality.  Visiting Dari Rasa Trunk 

templeShow  in January with the intention of obtaining another Tibetan singing bowl led me further into the story of Bowls for Elephants.  I had already donated to the project when I purchased my first crystal bowl during Linda's fund raiser.  After a few conversations and an unexpected turn of events, I found myself booking a trip to Thailand as her travel partner and assistant elephant healer.  And the sale of my truck along with the Power of Intention paved the way with ease, much sooner than expected. As the saying goes, " You better watch what you ask for".

NOW RELAXED AND RENEWED after 10 days in Chiang Mai of a 16-day Thailand Adventure, I am finally able to carve out a bit of time from all of our activities and luxuries to share a few stories with you.

lil girlFirst and foremost are the KIND AND GENEROUS PEOPLE of Chiang Mai.  I find them dedicated to an air of politeness within a culture steeped in  the Buddhist religion.  Walking the busy streets, one comes across ornate temples of worship within practically every block.  Offerings of flowers, food, and heart centered bows are prolific.  I have found it most pleasant to take to the streets just after sunrise to enjoy the cooler morning hours with less hustle and bustle. I am often the only visitor to many of these exotic structures that hold so much peaceful energy and spiritual inspiration.

food eleSecondly, THE FOOD has been a delightful highlight. Fresh fruits are unlimited and delicious spices of lemon grass, turmeric, chilis, and more  balance out the four essential Thai tastes: salty, sour, spicy, and sweet. More details on the art of Thai cuisine will be absorbed during my upcoming cooking class at the Thai Orchid Cooking School.

And speaking of schools, what is a trip to Thailand without an overindulgence in THAI MASSAGE. In fact, I have one booked right now, so I shall be back!

foot bath

Two hours have passed and my feet have received a warm guava foot scrub, deep pressure reflexology, and herbal compress to ease any inflammation. Attached to the foot massage were my legs and torso which also received the gifts of pressure point therapy along meridians helping to release any tension (could there be any left?) and invigorating my soul.  A perfect way to prepare for the Night Market.  This has been one of several treatments during our stay, each one uniquely rewarding and lusciously effective.

Scarves anyone?

Scarves anyone?

 And speaking of over indulging, I have signed up for 3 days of Thai Herbal and Foot Reflexology Training so that I can bring it home to you. Prepare to receive the benefits of one of Thailand's many treasures. Oh, and did I mention shopping?  So many gifts will be flying home with me in my duffel bag which arrived empty and is now very full. And, I am "not a shopper." (ha!)

ACCOMMODATIONS at the Rarin Jinda have been divine. The owners of our local Bozeman Thai restaurant, Rice, has family that own this 5 star Boutique Hotel and Spa.  Our gratitude for this fine recommendation runs deep. I would love to return and I haven't even left yet.



And lastly, the ELEPHANTS, our primary impetus for this adventure.  Since a ele ompicture is worth a thousand words, what more can I say, except please view my priceless Yoga with Elephants Video and my Elephant Energy photo album.  The exemplary work being done at Patara Elephant Farm continues to create healthy, happy elephant families - presently a total of 38 with another seven babies on the way.

Life is rich and each moment a gift. I thank my friend, Linda Chambers, for making this possible, and the Universe for helping it all unfold just in time for my 55th birthday celebration.  What a way to Be.

Feelin' Good. Havin' Fun. Livin' Well. 



Namaste and Sawatdee Kha!




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