The Truth about Teacher Trainings: Not just for teaching

September 10, 2015

yoga-teacher-training-studyingAs students of Yoga increase their desire for more knowledge and a deeper experience in the practice, teacher trainings around the world have become the educational format to fulfill those wishes.

The Wall Street Journal’s recent post, Why Everyone is a Yoga Teacher, highlights that training new teachers is outpacing the growth of new students. This presents two issues that are of utmost interest to me. First of all, the article represents the reasoning behind why so many are choosing to enroll in advanced yoga education, not as a means to becoming a yoga teacher, but to gain a broader understanding of yoga history, philosophy, physiology and the more subtle practices that are not often offered in a basic asana class. This is exactly why I have dedicated the majority of my life to teacher trainings. I adore sharing the broad spectrum of yoga’s life enriching skills with students that are eager to learn.

yoga studiesSecondly, as the article states, although registered yoga teachers are on the rise, up 18% per year from 2008 – 2014, the growth of yoga participants is behind at only 6% overall. It’s wonderful that those that have experienced the benefits of yoga want more.

And what this also shows is that we, as teachers, need to be more creative in how we can introduce yoga to a broader range of demographics. There are still many that are curious and could truly benefit in so many ways yet are not comfortable walking into a studio or an on-going class.

I say, bring on the teachers for the more educated practitioners we train, the more likelihood we have to reach out to a broader base of students. Yoga is beginning to expand into schools, retirement homes, athletics, corporations, the workplace, penitentiaries, and in family circles, and there is still so much more room for growth. I see it as an important step in the right direction of preventive and alternative healthcare.

Learn more about YogaMotion RYS200 We all live by example and how we live is a teaching to those around us. As we deepen our own commitment to the inner workings of our life and how to live it more fully, we cannot help but share it with others. That IS being a teacher, as we all learn from one another. So whether people enroll for personal or professional reasons, teacher trainings help to expand the opportunities of yoga for all.

Nancy Ruby Yoga TeacherI look forward to sharing this upcoming YogaMotion Training with individuals that are ready to learn for themselves with an openness to share what they learn with others. May we continue in this direction, building a domino effect as each person tips the scales more closely towards health and well being for all.


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