The Art of Listening

August 27, 2018



“We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.” - Epictetus

Listening is truly an art, one that Yoga stirs in me again and again. Being a fiery, red-headed Vata-Pitta type person, I tend to be talkative. Having grown up in a household of eight children, our family tends to talk over one another - a habit I am aware of resolving. Having a dedicated meditation practice of inward listening can enhance outer listening skills.

woman listening to herselfThe Heart of Sound I participated in last year was the power of compassionate communication. The words we choose are important and so is our tone, rhythm, and vibration which all translate thoughts and feelings on various levels of exchange. These aspects of sound create either an opening or a closing in our nervous system and emotional body resulting in a healing connection or a strained disconnect.

I invite you to observe how you are translating your thoughts through the sound of your words. Are they being received or is there resistance?

Receptivity feels welcoming as we lean into the message with a curiosity to know more. When we feel heard and are open to listening, relationships become strengthened. This starts with our inner relationship of self.

Are you leaning into your own thoughts and beliefs from a place of non-judgement? Curiosity? Compassion? Are you liking what you hear from your inner voice? Do your silent words nourish and affirm who you are?

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” - Joseph Campbell

mantra yoga book coverAnother skill gleaned from the refinement of communication, both inwardly and outwardly, is the study of Vedic mantra. Through the repetition of sound and words that carry a particular message, we can shift our thoughts, and therefore our beliefs and our actions to match the highest version of our self.

Mantra Yoga does for the mind what asana yoga does for the body.

As my teacher, Anandra says about Mantras for Self-Healing, “Rewiring your thought patterns is an essential step in any lasting, integrative healing process. Raising your vibratory rate catalyzes transformation and new potential. Mantra yoga is a singularly effective tool for both tasks.”

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  • Integrating the Charka system into a yoga practice
  • Anatomy of the endocrine glands
  • Comparative study of Yoga’s many systems for well being
  • Designing a purposeful practice
  • Opening the throat chakra with creative communication
  • Twists and inversions
  • Refining alignment in asana
  • Implementing creative visualization
  • Balancing energy with mudras and mantras

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