Finding a Suitable Yoga Practice

July 12, 2019
Being in the Right Place at the Right Time… Have you ever walked into a yoga class and felt like Alice in Wonderland entering into the wild tea party? Did you find yourself sitting anxiously on the floor with your [...]

Without challenge, there is no change

February 27, 2019
This week I'd like to share a guest blog written by my dear friend, student, and teacher, Ali Ramirez. Since I first met Ali 12 years ago as a student in the YM Teacher Training, I have enjoyed watching her growth [...]

Meet our Team of Wellness Warriors

January 31, 2019
Pictured above from left to right: Nancy Ruby, Elizabeth Sinclair, Turi Hetherington, Alex Bierut, Amy Strom, Janice Haugen, and Gloria Overcash Our YMWA Team has formed and together we are ready to set the tone [...]

Igniting Transformation

August 17, 2018
"The human will is intensity of desire raised to the level of action." - John Bradshaw When we attend to our inner fire we can burn away what no longer serves us while igniting the flame of transformation. This [...]

Awakening the Flow

August 07, 2018

Foundation: Growing Your Roots

August 03, 2018
Tadasana - Mountain pose is the foundational form for Hatha Yoga – the yoga of postural alignment and functional movement. You may feel you have practiced this posture numerous times for it is often the first pose [...]

Shining Stars Celebrate Their Inner Journey

June 30, 2018
YogaMotion's 47th Teacher Training Graduation Weekend These lovely women first gathered together in January for the launching of our 5-day Immersion to kick start their journey into Yoga Teacher Training over the [...]

Resistance and Yin Yoga

January 31, 2018
By Martha Piersma, RYT500, YogaMotion RYS200 Liaison and Co-Teacher Recently I was invited to teach yoga teachers a course on Yin Yoga. I became a yin convert in the year 2013. Being primarily a yoga student who [...]

Sky Diver Asana

Get up and get your yoga on with Baxter Bell’s YogaMotion inspired SKY DIVER ASANA...

Tadasana - Mountain Pose

July 22, 2015
Yoga alignment tip of the day (psst... stand-up and try it as you read):


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