Is self-care optional or mandatory for you?

September 08, 2019
The other day my 15-year-old son said yoga should be a mandatory class in high school and college (He hasn’t done yoga with me since he was 5). Trying not to show my exuberant delight that I might be succeeding as [...]

Wellness Evolution

May 28, 2019
Talkin' about a Wellness Evolution by Nancy Ruby Along with the slow emergence of Spring, our YMWA Community is truly blossoming. It seems we, of Bozeman’s past, are finding each other again amidst the [...]

Being Strong

April 23, 2019
The Gift of Not Doing It All by Stacy Hemingway I remember a comment from a woman lying next to me at a Yoga Workshop after we were asked to try a really challenging pose saying to me, “Wow, I thought you would be [...]


April 21, 2019
Adikara:  The making of oneself...  by Stacy Hemingway In 1997 I remember sitting in my kitchen in Bozeman, Montana having a small, ok not so small, melt down. This meltdown shifted my life. One thing I do recall [...]

Not Practicing is Practicing

April 14, 2019
  Do you find yourself disappointed when your self-care practices fall by the wayside? When life becomes overflowing with projects and responsibilities to others, do your favorite activities seem to sink to the [...]


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