Meet our Team of Wellness Warriors

January 31, 2019
Pictured above from left to right: Nancy Ruby, Elizabeth Sinclair, Turi Hetherington, Alex Bierut, Amy Strom, Janice Haugen, and Gloria Overcash Our YMWA Team has formed and together we are ready to set the tone [...]

Warning: The Truth about Yoga Teacher Training

June 08, 2018
As the students of YogaMotion come to completion in their 200-hour trainings there is a familiar consensus that arises. “You really should warn people about this training. You need a disclosure.” Warning: Shift [...]

Super Powers and Dharma

September 22, 2017
We Acknowledge and Express our Super Powers Part 8 of a 12-part series on YogaMotion Academy’s Mission and Values By Nancy Ruby, E-RYT500, YogaMotion Founder and Director

Yoga Under the Big Sky

December 22, 2014
Nancy's Rockin' Montana Yoga Tour It was in 1984 that I first traveled the state of Montana introducing health club members to the idea of mind-body fitness. At that time there were no yoga studios and Yoga was [...]


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