Grand Opening Gratitude

July 03, 2019


Thanks to all who helped us celebrate our Grand Opening on Sunday. It was a joy to see so many familiar faces and greet so many new ones. At 61 many are planning for retirement. I, on the other hand, am joyfully engaged in planning for the continued growth and expansion of my life's work in wellness through YogaMotion Wellness Academy's community of teachers, practitioners, friends and family. It is my intention that all who walk through our doors feel welcome, encouraged, and nurtured and walk out feeling vibrant and at ease having tapped into the wellspring of peace and joy that comes from within.

Now offering specialized Yoga Therapy and Wellness Services, our primary focus is to foster an educational platform for wellbeing. Having a beautiful facility in which to nurture our Bozeman community serves our mission to be of service by inspiring and empowering others in living vibrant, easeful, soulful lives.

Due to the individualized approach, this is a safe and effective environment to learn the keys to functional movement and to maintain strength and mobility while addressing any limitations or injuries. Practices are based on functional movement, internal awareness, wisdom teachings, and the balance of effort and ease. We are definitely filling the niche for the baby boomer generation with a few dedicated 30- and 40-somethings along with our honored 80+ yoginis. All are welcome.

We also encourage one-on-one sessions to focus on personal needs, interests, and abilities, along with lifestyle coaching to nourish body and soul. Our approach to the experience of Yoga favors silence over sound, slow vs flow, articulation of alignment vs complex choreography.

We are thrilled to have you stepping through our doors to find, not only Yoga and wellness education, but a much-desired social platform for fun, laughter and friendship.

With gratitude and loving kindness, 


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