Shift happens... again

July 20, 2018

Shift HappensMy darlings,

I’m back. After a very exciting, challenging, rewarding and exhausting six months of helping with the design, development, and implementation a multi-million dollar Wellness Lodge for Mountain Sky Guest Ranch, shift has happened.

Currently in the height of the season with construction details still being completed and the delivery of a desk, a phone, and a working computer just recently installed, my position as Wellness Director has been terminated. The job description shifted from Wellness Educator and Yoga Teacher into Facility Maintenance, Housekeeping, and Business Administrator. Not my cup of tea.

Once again, the tides have turned and I have happily returned home to Bozeman, rededicating myself to self-care and all things YogaMotionwhich includes educating and inspiring those that are interested in living well by applying the practices of Yoga to body, mind and spirit.

It's a blessing to be handed opportunities that help us learn and grow and stretch ourselves beyond our own knowledge base and, in some ways, beyond our own boundaries. Thankful to have had the support from the YogaMotion Team to keep things rolling while I took on this new venture, I have gained huge understanding and respect for construction project management, team communications, and spa development. I have also gained a greater perspective on the importance of aligning with one’s true nature – that which really makes us tick and generates joy and enthusiasm.

As much as I enjoyed the creative development of this project, once the building, systems, protocol, and schedules were in place, it was evident that my skills were no longer in line with the ongoing maintenance of the day-to-day programming as wellness education was more of a side dish than the main meal. Therefore, my passion for personal health, transformation, and deeper conversations was not being fulfilled.

Habit Evolution CourseIt’s now time to shift and let the next chapter begin as I gear up for a summer of lifestyle enrichment and a Fall Season of Yoga Education

And speaking of shift, our YogaMotion Collective has also transformed - from the four of us there are now three powerfully motivated yoginis at the helm as Martha Piersma has stepped into a new chapter in her life. Pursuing her studies in a 200-hour Meditation Training with Dr. Lorin Roche and Camille Maurine, she found it necessary to bow out of our Collective and step down as YogaMotion’s 200-hour Trainer in order to fully dedicate her time and energy to her practices and course development in Meditation and Yin Yoga. She will continue to offer her Advanced Trainings on these subjects through YogaMotion’s RYS300 programming. We are pleased to support this expansion and offer her teachings in this way, though we are sad to lose her as part of our on-going team development.

TT200 Learn More CTA

Sara Valentine is now stepping up as our Teaching Assistant and Student Mentor by joining us live from California in our first 5-day Immersion of the RYS200 curriculum held in Bozeman this October and continuing her mentorship role with bi-monthly coaching sessions throughout the eight-month course. Turi Hetherington remains at the helm of media communications, and I am pleased as punch to step back in full time as Yoga and Wellness Educator.

I’m curious…

How willing are you to let shift happen when life presents an opportunity?

For the many students who have enrolled in our YogaMotion courses, our Teacher Trainings have proven to be a way to learn and grow and stretch one’s knowledge base and, in many ways, beyond one’s own perceived limitations. Not just for those desiring to teach, this in-depth study and practice is for anyone feeling the urge for something exciting, challenging, rewarding and life-affirming.

As Joseph Campbell says, “Follow your Bliss” and life will carry you into the most amazing places that are true to your heart.

nancy-MAnd as we know, home is where the heart is.

Happily home in Bozeman,




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