Savoring the Essence of Yoga

August 22, 2018

Awakening the Lightness of our Being

TOWNSENDCOLLECTIVE-YOGAMOTION-33-croppedQuality relationships are both the foundation and the primary benefit of meditation practice: by reducing the turbulence in our outer lives, we reduce the turbulence and stress in our minds and bodies. When our body is relaxed and our mind is calm and clear, we are better able to live mindfully, think and listen deeply, and awaken greater wisdom and compassion through our meditations, which in turn improve the quality of relationships. 

Throughout the ages, countless men and women have awakened to their true nature. Depending on their culture, language and traditions, they have been regarded as a buddha, an avatar, the Christ, a saint, a bodhi-sattva, a wisdom keeper, or a shaman. Each of these individuals had a profound sensitivity to the circumstances and needs of their communities, and to the skillful means most suited for awakening the individuals to whom they ministered. The teachings of such people reflect both universal truths and the societal realities, traditions, world views, science, and mythologies of their times.

LoveThe greatest of our teachers have repeatedly reminded us to regard all the world's great spiritual teachers and teachings as expressions of a universal compassion that will find its way into the world wherever the human heart-mind is open. The teachings of all the world's great religions and great teachers speak universal truths in the particular way most suited for the people of their place and time.

At the first level, we awaken more fully to the frustrations and sufferings of our lives, which have been caused by living in mindless and ignorant ways. This ripens within us a fierce determination to be free of our suffering and evokes a commitment to seeking out methods, teachers, and communities that will support us in our search for true spiritual freedom and happiness.

As our meditations deepen, we start to realize a wide variety of benefits. We awaken to the discovery that everything and everyone is profoundly interrelated, and we awaken to an even greater wisdom and compassion.

As our meditative insights continue to deepen, we realize more expanded benefits. We awaken to myriad dimensions of our being that are multidimensional and universal. This may happen gradually over time, or suddenly. As we awaken in this way, we come to live in a way that honors the divinity and sacredness that is present as our truest identity.

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BhaktiloveHere is what else we explore: 

  • The Wisdom Body - Vijnamayakosha
  • Cleansing our Body and our Mind
  • Pranayama, Mantra and Meditation
  • Yoganatomy of Chest and Shoulders
  • Heart Openers and Twists
  • Developing Core Beliefs


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