Meet our Team of Wellness Warriors

January 31, 2019


Pictured above from left to right:
Nancy Ruby, Elizabeth Sinclair, Turi Hetherington, Alex Bierut, Amy Strom, Janice Haugen, and Gloria Overcash

Our YMWA Team has formed and together we are ready to set the tone for our Wellness Academy.

No longer operating as simply a yoga studio, over the past 36 years YogaMotion has established itself as Montana’s leading yoga teacher training school and is now operating as a center for Wellness Education.

Our intention is to educate, inspire and support others in living a vibrant, easeful, soulful life. Our foundation is built on the integration of modern day science with the ancient teachings of Yoga and Ayurveda. We call this Full Spectrum Yoga attending to physical, energetic, psycho-emotional, intellectual and spiritual wellbeing.

Our broad curriculum offers specific course content through weekly classes, weekend workshops, retreats, teacher trainings, and specialty programming giving you the opportunity to further your own understanding and personal application of these wellness modalities.

Have you wanted to try yoga but have not yet found your fit?

Do you have a desire to slow down the movement to really understand the ways and means of a yoga practice that matches your own abilities and needs?

Are you hungry for personal attention so you can learn more about the specific techniques and benefits of these ancient arts?

Do you have injuries or limitations holding you back from stepping into a class?

Have you been envisioning a deeper relationship with Yoga and a lifestyle that puts you in rhythm with nature?

Are you wanting to advance your own teaching skills and share these practices with others?

Search no more…

Our skilled team of teachers are here to greet you and your individual needs. We are all adept at offering options for multiple levels of practitioners - not just saying what to do, but leaning in and discovering what will best serve YOU!

Our motto: It’a about the person, not the pose.

Each course and training focuses on serving those who are present. Our intention is to connect to what best applies to each student throughout our time together. Practices are based on functional movement, internal awareness, and the balance of effort and ease. As you step off your mat and into the world you will find a skip in your step and a fullness in your heart.

We also share a desire for conscious conversations which can be experienced at our Wellness Wednesdays, New and Full Moon Circles, monthly Kirtans, and more. The YogaMotion Wellness Academy is your place for learning, growing and connecting.

What a pleasure and an honor it is to share both curiosity and enthusiasm with like-minded spirits. We look forward to the expanding journey ahead.

See you soon!

With love and joy,



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