Oh! the Places You’ll Go!

July 26, 2019

cover banner-1-1Oh! the Places You’ll Go! was the last book Dr. Seuss published during his lifetime. Do you remember it? It’s this lovely story about life and how there are ups and downs and opportunities, and that things are going to be awesome and amazing! Except when they aren’t. And sometimes, well, they just aren’t. But we keep going, we keep progressing, we keep swimming through this amazing experience called 'life.' None of us are immune to the challenges; however, neither are any of us held back from the opportunity to grow, make personal progress, try something new.

quoteWhat I have discovered about 'try something new' is that it fuels my curiosity and therefore my creativity, opening up new perspectives and fresh outlooks. And, it has been scientifically proven, that when we continue learning and growing and experiencing 'something new' our brains remain more clear, alert and therefore, youthful throughout our life.

This ability of the brain to change form and function based on incoming stimuli is called neuroplasticity. Your brain is shaped by its own experience. So it’s without a doubt, a boon to your health to keep on learning.

Health involves more than moving your body. You also need to move your brain. “When you exercise, you engage your muscles to help improve overall health,” says Dr. Ipsit Vahia, director of outpatient services for Harvard-affiliated McLean Hospital. “The same concept applies to the brain. You need to exercise it with new challenges to keep it healthy. The process of learning and acquiring new information and experiences, as through structured classes, can stimulate that process. The focus is not to earn a degree, or even take multiple classes, but to focus on a class to keep mental activity thriving.”

quote2This is the intention of YogaMotion Wellness Academy - a school for wellness education offering classes, courses, workshops and trainings to connect our community through new opportunities and experiences. Check out our line-up of amazing opportunities coming your way. Choose now to exercise your brain and you’ll also benefit by strengthening the wellbeing of your heart and soul as you learn more about YOU!


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