Nirvana Happens

September 15, 2015


WildnessIt is with pleasure that I send this teaching on the Art of Aging from Kauai. As you view the  video below you will notice the shift in my voice - quieted in the early hours of a tropical morn. Yes, the shift has happened. I have slipped into nirvana here on my island of soul. Drenched in rain, bathed by the sea, cradled in the dewy softness of the breeze, I drink in the pungent aromas of blossoming flowers and ripening fruits. Each day unfolds moment by moment as I invoke deep inner listening trusting the guidance of intuition – the voice of God speaking from my heart, and I follow.

Many magical moments arise on this path of allowing life to flow, letting go of worry and control. There are times when a question arises, a choice appears, or clarity is needed. The solution has been to pause, be present, and wait for the next step to appear.

Me and Rox KauaiAs a simple example, Roxanne and I walked four blocks from our home to a lovely new restaurant to share some dessert and wine. We wondered about the rain as it has been falling intermittently with consistency. However, at the moment we left the house, it was warm and dry and the short walk was welcoming. When it was time to return home, the heavens had unzipped and the downpour ensued. Though we were somewhat willing to get wet, we were not wanting to be soaked to the bone so we lingered patiently on the covered porch waiting for the solution.

We joked about finding keys in one of the parked cars with a promise to bring it right back. Maybe they wouldn’t even notice it has been gone. Or maybe the rain would just stop. Or maybe we’d ask a stranger for a ride. A souped-up Chevy pickup pulled up and we agreed that we could implore the kindness of this driver to take us back home. The door opened and the stranger turned out to be an acquaintance and asked what we were doing hanging out on the porch. We’ve been waiting for you to give us a ride. And he did. Simple magical moments.

I am thankful for this personal time to sink into the spirit of my feminine creative soul and share this sweetness with my daughter. Yoga practices have been equally as fluid, softening the strength and fire that Montana invokes in me. I look forward to sharing the inspirations that I am sure to carry home.

Watch below and ask yourself, "What feeds my Soul?"


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