Nancy's 5 Keys to living a long and fruitful life

December 21, 2018

What I find to help and how these keys are helping me on this Central American journey.


Quality over Quantity. It's not just what we eat, it’s how, when and why we eat.

Here in Guatemala, our new food mantra has become “Pancakes, Papas Fritas and Cervesas – oh my!” Tomorrow I choose to cleanse with my superfood green drinks and deep gratitude for the many food choices I have back home.


NR-DEC18-6Physical, Emotional, and Intellectual flexibility allows us to go with the flow, alleviating unnecessary stress. And we all know that stress is the number one cause of dis-ease.

Stepping into the unknown is a big part of traveling. Trusting the process and going with the flow is key to embracing whatever experience unfolds, moment by moment.


Strong bones and muscles support our body, strong digestion supports our cellular regeneration, strong bonds of family, friends and community support our emotional wellbeing.

Climbing four of Tikals 300 foot temples has certainly strengthened my legs. Digestion remains strong, though my food choices are debatable. Forging new friendships with a global community has me appreciating the fact that it’s a small world after all.


NR-DEC18-5We all have unique gifts to offer in this life. Offering the wisdom of your gift(s) without attachment to any outcome leads to a fruitful life. Live life on purpose!

Sunrise on the dock, I was requested to share my love of yoga and did so speaking in English, Spanish, Sanskrit and a wee bit of French. Most of all, I spoke in body language with gentle hands on that communicated more than my words could convey. Such a pleasure to share my gifts.


What makes your heart sing? What awakens your creativity and fills you with joy? Following your passion will keep you forever young at heart.

Now immersed in a festival crowd of musicians, dancers, singers, teachers, healers, and lightworkers, sharing the vision of our world filled with love and peace. I am dancing my passion in the mosh pit of millennials and loving every moment!

NR-DEC18-1What do you consider the Key to your Longevity? I’d love to hear from you. Let’s share more on this subject in January. We have an entire menu of activities designed for enriching the quality of your days leading to a life well lived.



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