Join the Fantastic Voyage

January 26, 2017

Your body is precious.

It is your vehicle for awakening.

Treat it with care.       



Do you know what lurks beneath the surface of your skin?

Are you aware of the many systems within your own body?

Have you noticed the intricate balance between your gut, heart and head?

Would you like to be more effective in sustaining your health and well-being?

If you are of the baby boomer era, you may recall the spellbinding movie starring Raquel Welch in which a group of scientists is reduced to the molecular level to travel inside the body of a scientist to repair a dangerous blood clot. But with his body’s defenses fighting them, and a saboteur on the team, it’s a race against time to operate before the miniaturization wears off! At the age of eight, Fantastic Voyage became the catalyst of my future fascination with the human body and all it contains.

Flash forward fifty years through a life of studying anatomy, physiology, fitness, sports medicine, neuromuscular therapy, kinesiology, nutrition, yoga, and ayurveda, along with diving into the dissection of cadavers for a true, up-close and personal encounter, and my thirst for knowledge and understanding of the  human condition continues.

I truly believe that self-care is our best health care. Even at times when we need to reach out to our allopathic or alternative caregivers, the more we know and understand the inner workings of our own anatomy and physiology, the more effective we can be in our personal healing processes.

My own experiences of healing low back pain (spondylolisthesis) and disc compression, as well as a broken knee cap, torn meniscus, shoulder dislocation, and the easeful birth of my daughter all, have proven my own strength to manage my pain and heal from the inside out.

Emotionally, I have weathered the challenges of loss and heartache without losing faith in the flow of life. And I live with my own self-diagnosis of ADD and OCD harmoniously. Now in the latter part of my 50’s, I am even more dedicated to eating well, meditating daily, and remaining physically active to keep my brain both stimulated and at peace.

When you understand what serves the balance of your systems, you then have the opportunity to fine tune their functioning through the ways that you move, eat, rest, and breathe. Yoga and Ayurveda have been the pillars of support in my own vibrant health and well-being and it continues to be my honor and delight to share this knowledge with you.

Diving into the FANTASTIC VOYAGE of our human bodies will give you simple yet powerful skills to maintain and enhance your own self care practices. Knowledge is power.

Over the course of this 4-day workshop, we will visit 10 of our major systems, learning where they are, how they function, the common causes of dysfunction, and what you can do through the practices of Yoga and Ayurveda to nourish and support your own healing processes.

Join me on this FANATASIC VOYAGE and be your own best caregiver.

Balance Your Body

If you have a physical problem or illness, you can often target your asana practice to help improve it. These include common physical pains such as low back pain, mild arthritis or indigestion, and some more serious conditions, such as heart disease, osteoporosis, or chronic pain.

And when it comes to digestion and elimination, the movement of yoga and the art of balancing your daily rhythms through Ayurveda are far superior to over the counter medications that simply mask the cause of imbalances.

Wake up your body with movement every day and watch your pain go away. Try Lifting from Center to bring fluidity to your hips and shoulders.>>>

Balance Your Emotions

If you’re feeling off-balance emotionally—whether that means feeling depressed or anxious or angry—you can include poses and breath work in your practice that help improve your emotional state and soothe your nervous system.

Breathing deeply and evenly shifts your physiology out of stress mode and into the relaxation response which is necessary for the body to regenerate itself.

Practice Breathing Deeply and Evenly for 10 minutes a day and watch your stress disappear. Try this Sama Vrtti pranayama– quieting distractions to calm the mind

Balance Your Brain

If you are feeling a bit foggy or lack clarity of mind, yoga boosts brain power. A weekly routine of yoga and meditation may strengthen thinking skills and help to stave off aging-related mental decline.

Thanks to sophisticated brain imaging technologies, neuroscience is proving that yoga and meditation can literally change your brain. People who regularly practice have more robust levels of gray matter in their brains in areas involved with pain modulation. This means yoga could be an effective remedy for certain types of depression and is one of the top natural painkillers you can count on.

Stimulate your brain with coordination and balancing moves. Practice Balancing Mountain for brain and body.

Enjoy and let me know how it goes.



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