Igniting Transformation

August 17, 2018

"The human will is intensity of desire raised to the level of action."
- John Bradshaw

roxanne-india-fireWhen we attend to our inner fire we can burn away what no longer serves us while igniting the flame of transformation. This can be experienced in the physical, energetic and emotional layers of our Being.

Through detoxification of our body and our minds we detach from the compounded matter that holds us hostage to unhealthy habits. Through entertaining new possibilities we detach from the programming of the past. Through nature-based nutrition we find that less is more and often times more simply adds stress. If you are to achieve your fullest potential you must unlearn what you have learned. You must empty your cup, purify it of old residues, and remain open for the new flow-states to follow.

Much of what I have learned about our ability to transform has everything to do with addressing our psycho-emotional body (Manomayakosha) and all of its inner weavings. This is where we recognize the challenge of our human conditioning. Patterns and habits become lodged in our psyche as our ego remains attached to the familiar even though a behavior may be unhealthy, dysfunctional, and harmful. It is difficult to create change even when we have the desire to do so.

Witnessing the challenges and the rewards of new beginnings in others has been my position of honor over the past 35 years. Holding space, offering tools, providing guidance for those on the path of personal growth and transformation fulfills my own passion for being of service while witnessing the unveiling of one’s true nature. Within the practices of Yoga, meditation, breathwork, mindfulness, cleansing, and nutritional healing, the layers of conditioning are burned away allowing one’s inner light to shine bright!


"Your own self-realization is the greatest service you can render the world." - Ramana Maharishi

How does one choose to make a difference in themselves? Where do we find the inspiration to shift our habits, perspectives, and actions?

Sometimes it’s that still, small voice inside whispering to you. Other times, it may be outer circumstances nudging you to make a change. And, lastly, when one ignores those subtle signs pointing in a new direction, a health crisis may be what it takes to influence a shift in your reality.

How are you tending to your fire? Do you feel the need to stir the embers and ignite the flame of your passion and enthusiasm for this one wild and precious life?

Throughout my own journey, I have found that through daily meditation and movement in conjunction with seasonal cleansing, my own fire is continually nourished. These practices create and maintain clarity of mind, comfort in body, and soulful inspiration. Sharing these practices and experiencing the results with others is what fascinates and fulfills my own life purpose. They have set my life on a track of higher potential like nothing I had ever dreamed possible.

Within our Teacher Trainings, we attend to that which sparks your inner light. Those who take the deep opportunity to go beyond the intellectual information, skills, and techniques and use these practices to truly empower themselves to get past self-sabotaging defense mechanisms find themselves walking a path of truth, compassion, and contentment.yoga-fireworks-small

Tell me, what lights your fire?

Be brilliant!



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  • Igniting will and determination
  • The Art to Vinyasa Flow
  • Living Yoga on and off the mat
  • Knowing the Central Nervous System
  • The Art of Savasana 
  • Application of Purifying breath practices
  • How to create Healthy Habits

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