Do you feel like you could use a little more spark in your step

Are missing out on feeling your best? 

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September 14 - 16, 2018

Clarify Your Why – Reveal Your Desire – Ignite Your Action Step

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In this 3-day challenge I share the tools, practices and thought processes that enable me to live a life I love.

You will get clear on WHY you want and need a change for the better.

Reveal WHAT it is you can do today to start feeling your best

Design HOW to ignite your action step.

Wake up with excitement and end your day with a deep sense of satisfaction

You are worth it – Gift yourself 15 minutes a day to spark up your life.

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So... what's the CHALLENGE?

It's saying Yes, showing up, and following through.

When you want to feel different than you need to do something differently and consistently.

Most of us start something new only to stop before we ever experience true change.

This 3-day challenge is about discovering how to make a simple change that will reward you in a BIG way.

And it will be different for everyone.


customize your own personal plan

It’s important that you customize your own personal plan in order to shift your behavior in ways that serve your personal interests and desires.


Clear with Your Why, What, and How

Uncover what's most important to you to live a fulfilled life.

Ignite your spark with action that moves you toward your goals.

Burn with enthusiasm as you create the change you desire.



Three 15-minute inspirational and interactive video teachings

Three motivational worksheets to move you forward

Tips and tools to for making changes in real time – now!

BONUS - free 30-minute coaching session with me to clarify your goals and your action steps for creating a personal breakthrough ($60 value)

BONUS Free Live Webinar Tuesday, September 18:

"Five Keys to Easeful Living"

Plus... a sense of wonder in the magic of simplicity


SEPTEMBER 14 - 16, 2018

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It's absolutely FREE! You have nothing to lose, so much to gain!

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