From Paradise to Paradise

September 22, 2015

Equanimity - The Key to Living with Grace (video below)

Fall trail Evening hike on Triple Tree Trail

Happy Fall Equinox!

My favorite time of year is here. I’m so happy to be home after two luscious weeks in the islands. What a perfect blend to  life. Both locations are truly paradise.

After the all night flight back to the mainland, I hopped right into a day and half of process painting with Molly King, watching the emotions of my tropical adventure unfold in images on paper. What fun. Sunday was spent preparing and presenting YogaMotion for Healthy Aging at the library. I so enjoyed those of you that participated and love hearing the feedback of what you received and are implementing from our time together. If you missed it, please join me next Tuesday – same time, same place – info below.

Big Sky Gotta love this Big Sky country

Plugging back into life in Bozeman, I was gifted with a sensational sunset hike in the splendor of Fall colors under the Big Sky that I love. As much as I enjoy my “second home” of Kauai, I found that when living on an island full time there were two things that I dearly missed: One – the shift of seasons, especially into Autumn. Two – the vast open land and sky. The mountains of Montana are truly my rock with Kauai remaining my place for retreat.

Speaking of retreat, there is something special brewing in October at Boulder Hot Springs. If yoga, creative writing, and an inner journey pique your interest, check out this link to Inner Rhythms with Molly May and me.

Today’s video is all about equanimity and finding balance in the flow of life. Enjoying nature, gifting yourself retreats of any duration, and resting in the present moment are truly keys to a life well lived at any age.

May this beauty of the season soothe your soul.

In peace,



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