Foundation: Growing Your Roots

August 03, 2018

Tadasana - sideTadasana - Mountain pose is the foundational form for Hatha Yoga – the yoga of postural alignment and functional movement.

You may feel you have practiced this posture numerous times for it is often the first pose of any Yoga class. However, how much attention have you truly given to this form lately? Often times, when we repeat anything we begin to lose the attention to detail as we believe we already know how to “do it.” However, Tadasana is truly never the same twice as we are creatures of change. Our body, our energy, our attitude are in constant flux.

Within the first module of the YogaMotion Teacher Training (YMTT), we dive in deep to the nuances of aligning with the earth, with our own central axis, and with our personal intention. And we also observe the minutia of alignment in others. It’s amazing what we can begin to discover when we pay close attention.

Learning YogaMotion’s 10 Points of Tadasana is Lesson #1

Once you experience and solidify these 10 steps in Mountain Pose, you will have the template for all other poses, whether you are standing, seated or laying down.

As I write this, I am seated, feet grounded, knees aligned, hips evenly weighted on my chair, spine elongated with the strength of my core muscles, and my head is balanced atop my shoulders.

hunched over computer-713954-editedHow many of you find yourself crossing your legs? Shifting onto one hip more than the other? Or, as commonly observed in our work force, hunched forward, back rounded, chin jutting toward your screen, of which lead to blocked energy and the feeling of dullness and exhaustion.

Arise and Align!

The more you establish the functional alignment principles of Tadasana, the more energy you will generate, the lighter you will feel, and… the more attractive you will look!

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Includes: Video Lesson + Handout

YogaMotion-Mod1-LessonGive yourself 10 minutes a day for 7 days to practice and refine YogaMotion's TEN POINTS of TADASANA. This is your one week practice that will then be with you for the rest of your life. Let me know how you feel! I bet you will feel happier and healthier!

Feel your body becoming more aligned, stable and at ease.

This is just one of many lessons drawn from YTT Module One. Here is what else we explore within our Live Training:

  • The Full Spectrum of Yoga Philosophy
  • History of Yoga and the Eight Limbs
  • Awareness of Relaxation Breath
  • Fundamentals of Hatha Yoga 
  • The Art of Savasana
  • Nourishing Ourselves


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