Shining Stars Celebrate Their Inner Journey

June 30, 2018


YogaMotion's 47th Teacher Training Graduation Weekend

TT47-namesThese lovely women first gathered together in January for the launching of our 5-day Immersion to kick start their journey into Yoga Teacher Training over the course of six months. They stepped into the circle with hearts wide open – curious, inquisitive, eager to learn. They listened and responded with intelligent questions and creative applications. For a teacher, this receptivity and responsiveness makes my job equally rewarding as the exchange of ideas and experiences flowed seamlessly.
The months have flown by as we gathered every 30 days or so for our weekend modules. Each time diving deeper into the art and science of movement, meditation and mindfulness. There were, of course, challenges and struggles along the way for it is not easy restructuring one’s life to match your truest desires.

Akin to treasure hunting, one must be willing to dig to find the gold. And dig these ladies did. They dug into their past to let go of what no longer served them. They dug into their hearts to expose their deepest truths. They dug into their own dirt, planting new seeds for their future. Together they witnessed one another cultivating new roots that have blossomed into the treasure chest of their own inner light. These are the priceless rewards of doing the work that unveils the beauty of one’s own true spirit. This is how Yoga works.

Learn more about YogaMotion RYS200 The misconception that yoga is all about contortionist postures is not completely wrong – for contortions do occur, yet more prevalently in the mind. One must be willing to twist and turn and churn through attitudes and beliefs that deter one from simply being at ease with life. As these ladies came to learn, it’s not about the pose or touching your toes. It’s about the inner experience of meeting one’s own limitations and unlimited possibilities with equal valor. And as this 47th Graduating Class agrees, “It’s the time on the mat that has your back.”

Congratulations for being on course – your true north stars are shining bright!


YogaMotion RYS200 Life Enrichment & Teacher Training


  • Personal and professional growth and transformation
  • Confidence, compassion and love
  • Clarity, purpose and direction
  • Strength, flexibility and balance

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This course was created for seasoned practitioners and novices alike. Ranging in age from 15 to 75, each training makes up a tribe that shares a common goal to feel good, have fun and live well.

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