Blossoming Wisdom

September 15, 2018

HOS-1-893772-editedAs attention is liberated from being bound to emotions and thoughts, pleasure, joy, bliss and love naturally arise. Joy, bliss and love are realized to be causeless and saturate the body which brings the realization that Joy exists independent of objects.

We easily can assume that if or when we obtain material or relational objects we desire, we will feel joy, happiness or bliss. These pleasures are but a gentle fragrance or taste of true joy.

Anandamayakosha is our layer of Bliss. Often times we suffer in this aspect of our Being if we are looking for outside things, other people, or certain situations to bring us happiness. The reflective practices of Yoga are directed toward peeling back the layers of disturbance to allow us to recognize that at our very core, we are Joy/Bliss/ Peace.

Joy is our underlying true nature, always there, regardless of what else is present.

beach jumpFeeling joy keeps us healthy and helps heal disease. Joy, even in small amounts, positively effects the following systems in our bodies:

  • Respiratory
  • Cardiovascular
  • Muscular
  • Central nervous
  • Endocrine
  • Immune

Joy releases endorphins that reduce pain and bring a feeling of wellbeing. While stress and negative emotions are detrimental to the immune system and harmful to health and healing, joy increases the activity of natural killer cells that destroy viruses and cancer producing cells. Joy allows us to feel peaceful and relaxed. Joy is the best medicine for body, mind, and soul.

The teachings and practices of yoga lead to the blossoming of Wisdom. When we learn to live from the inside out there is really no place to go and nothing to do in order to find peace. Trusting our inner voice – our inner guru – to guide us on our path, the many practices of yoga refine our ability to hear the wisdom of our heart and follow it faithfully. This is the path to liberation from suffering for we suffer most when we feel disconnected, isolated, lonely. We are at our best, our most joyful self, when we feel connected and supported with a sense of belonging. This is when love flows.


The path of Yoga, in its purest form, offers this deeper connection to love. First, within our Self which then lends to deeper connections to others which expands into a deeper connection with the Divine – which connects us universally and brings us into a genuine state of Pure Love. Pure Joy. Pure Bliss.

My highest intention as I continue on my own journey of seeking and discovering is to continue this deepening. Deep connection is the very foundation for all that I share as a teacher. To witness the awakening of Joy and Bliss in another is truly the sweetest thing. And this is “my why” for empowering others to do the same.

Practice Yoga. Experience Your Joy. Share Yoga with others. Let Love Flow.

“As the bee seeks nectar from all kinds of flowers, seek teachings everywhere; 
like a deer that finds a quiet place to graze, 
seek seclusion to digest what you have gathered. 
Like a madman (madwoman) beyond all limits, 
go wherever you please,
and live like a lion(ess) completely free of all fear.” 
- Ancient Tibetan text



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Validate what brings you Joy. Apply these Attitudes to all of your practices. Notice any shifts towards the blossoming of your own Wisdom – seeing the truth in each moment and sensing a deep connection to your own true nature of Joy, Bliss and Love.

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Blossoming Wisdom is the focus of YMTT Module Seven

Here is what we explore:

  • Stepping into the Teacher’s Seat
  • More on Compassionate Communication
  • Developing Your Personal Presence
  • Refining Asana Assessment Skills
  • Keys to Verbal Skills and Hands on support 
  • Guiding a Safe, Effective and Inspiring Asana practice
  • Designing Educational Wellness Courses 



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