April 21, 2019

Adikara:  The making of oneself... 
by Stacy Hemingway

In 1997 I remember sitting in my kitchen in Bozeman, Montana having a small, ok not so small, melt down. This meltdown shifted my life.

One thing I do recall saying to my then boyfriend at the time (now my husband of 23 years) , “There must be more to this life, I need more....”

tea overvflowingBless my husband, he had no idea what that meant, but has a pretty good idea now. We were students at MSU at the time and the last thing I needed more of were things. Our first child came and oh that brought more. We bought a small business and that definitely brought more. Once our second child graced us it was full steam ahead running a business. My husband was a fishing guide on the rivers, traditionally gone for most of the day. I had well more than I could ever manage here. Actually, I was overwhelmed.

It was 2002 and I was practicing yoga through all of this when I discovered that my teacher, Nancy Ruby, was offering a Yoga Teacher Training in Salt Lake City. I think I was just hoping this would take me away from the abundance of things that were filling any open space possible. What I was slow to realize is that I didn’t need more, I needed less.

During my first teacher training with YogaMotion I had a huge awakening. I call it cracking the nut. My nut, noggin, brain, consciousness had made the connection that all I was seeking, wishing for, wanting was deep inside me. It was now my job to figure out who I was and how I wanted to be in the world.

I like to say that once the nut has cracked open there is no closing it back up. I love reflecting on the past 25 years of my life and what I have been able to manifest. Yes, I still live amongst a lot of things, but when I get to sit with myself, become grounded and more deeply connected to this process of becoming,  this is where all things fall away and it’s just me.

Adikara is a term in Sanskrit I refer to as studentship. The true translation, Adi meaning ones self and Kara means the making of, or to become. We are the director, the scientist, the conductor, the chef, the artist, here to be the co-creators of our life.

When I consider this path of studentship I now reflect on the elements as my guide. Through deep inner listening, I am guided in my own becoming.

elementsyogaMay I continue to be grounded and steady as I walk upon this earth. May the air I breathe not only give me life but allow spaciousness for growth. My friend, the wind, propels me with her ever changing qualities of ebb and flow. The fire that lives within is continually stoked by my desire to create and become. I am drawn to the fluidity of water, both inside and out, allowing me to be the vessel. May my mind be flushed clean and continue to open and flow.

This process of becoming, may it never end. May you continue to be settled by all that you seek. And, as I  like to say, be careful what you wish for, as dreams do come.


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