Awakening the Flow

August 07, 2018


waterWe can certainly survive if our energy is lacking, stuck, or frenetic, yet how our energy flows is the key to our ability to THRIVE!

The primary intention of Yoga Asana (postures) is not to stretch our hamstrings, develop a yoga butt, or look cool on your Pinterest page. The primary intention is to relieve unnecessary tensions and awaken areas of dullness in both the body and the mind allowing our energy to flow freely, easily, and abundantly. When this occurs, our ability to be present, to be kind, to make wise choices, to live at ease is attainable.

The yogis proclaim that we have over 72,000 energy channels within and around us. Our being-ness does not stop at the surface of the skin. Our energy, when flowing, expands outside of our physical container and has a direct affect on those around us. 

Take a moment now to notice how you feel energetically.

When you pause and pay attention you will be able to feel whether you are contracting or expanding. 

Personally, as I sit here at my desk, I feel my energy shifting between the two. I feel a bit contracted along my spine from sitting for a bit too long. Very soon I will gift myself a little yoga asana break to release these areas of tension. On the other hand, my mind and heart feel expansive as I enjoy the sunlight flooding in through my windows, my kitten on my lap, as I tap away on my keyboard writing to you.

When we stay tuned to this energy, known as Prana, we can adjust the dial to fine tune the flow.

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This is just one of many lessons drawn from YTT Module Two. Here is what else we explore within our Live Training:

  • Pranamayakosha - The Energy Body
  • Pranayama Langhana (quieting breath practices)
  • The Five Prana Vayus
  • The Three Bandhas
  • The Universal Principles of Alignment
  • YogaMotion Warm Ups
  • Yoganatomy of Legs and Hips
  • Standing and Balancing Postures
  • Living in Rhythm with Ayurveda
  • Yamas and Niyamas on and off the mat.

Go with the flow, 



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