Assisting mothers along their path

March 05, 2019

prenatl photo-1Something special is blossoming at YMWA…. Danielle Nicholas has joined our dynamic teaching team to offer Prenatal Yoga to local blossoming mamas-to-be. Please help spread the word as these classes are a uniquely supportive offering for this special time of life.

As you’ll find out in reading Danielle’s blog, Prenatal Yoga plays a huge role in balancing the continual changes in body, mind and emotions throughout pregnancy. I, too, found yoga to be my constant companion while all other fitness modalities fell to the wayside during my months of gestation. The movement, the meditations, and most of all, the supportive circle of women deepened my practice on so many levels and those benefits continued long after childbirth.

Join Danielle, or send your expectant friends, to Prenatal Yoga on Tuesdays at noon to experience the benefits inside and out for yourself and your babe.


Ah sister! Welcome! You have found us!

Guest blog by Danielle Nicholas

Danielle-croppedYoga has been a touchstone in my life and at no time was this truer than during my pregnancy. Every week I would look forward to driving through the snow in the depths of winter, to walk into a cozy room filled with the warmth of women and sisterhood. Once a week, I took time to enter this sacred space, emerging feeling nourished and supported, headed into my car to drive back to my house, inner light and radiance guiding my way home, in so many ways.

Although the benefits of prenatal yoga are beginning to be scientifically researched, it is this sense of community that provides one of the biggest non-tangible benefits for an expecting mother. Imagine walking into a room to see other bodies, like yours, that are evolving and opening and growing a human being.

Ah sister! Welcome! You have found us!

Not only have you found your tribe, you have found the exercise your body and mind craves. Imagine a time set aside just for you, for safe adaptive movements designed to support you through pregnancy and prepare you for labor and delivery- gentle pelvic tilts, squats to open the hips, warrior goddess poses aimed at strengthening the legs (these aren’t just for skiers!), lateral bends, and slow beautiful flows to retain balance and core strength, openness and stability all at the same time. Openness and stability is something you will need when baby comes. Your life as a mother has already begun!

The mind, too, through meditation and breath work, has found a wonderful fit, a specifically tailored garment to wear, to snuggle into when you need a place of quiet, a refuge amidst the wild adventure of blissful and bountiful becoming.

This not only feels right, but science confirms what intuition knows. Many empirical studies have been coming out detailing the benefits of prenatal yoga from treating perinatal depression to improved birth outcomes.

According to the Mayo Clinic, prenatal yoga can: improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, increase the strength, flexibility and endurance of muscles needed for childbirth, decrease lower back pain, nausea, headaches and shortness of breath.

Assisting mothers along their path is what drew me to becoming a prenatal yoga teacher. In addition to being a 200 hour certified yoga teacher, I have received advanced training specifically in prenatal yoga to better understand the various facets of pregnancy. I hope to see you soon!

Reference: Accessed Feb 26, 2019.


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