Are you ready to put your trust in the process?

September 14, 2019

YM-grads-2015My story with YMWA began when I first entered teacher training in 2014 (that's me in the middle of the back row). I had no ultimate goal at this time, other than a yearning to deepen my practice, although I don't think I even knew what that meant to me at the time. I just knew I needed something “more” in my life-physically, mentally, spiritually. Up to that point I had dabbled in practice, but only consciously embraced the physical connection and benefits yoga had to offer. I wanted to dive deeper...

Nancy's Teacher Training did not disappoint-it was jam-packed with content, ranging from the history and ancient wisdom of the practice, to several different introductions of varying styles of practice, to alignment and foundation principles of the physical practice. Home study every day helped me devote and dedicate myself to my practice for the duration of the 9-month timeframe that the training program spanned. It was liberating and awakening indeed!

I began discovering parts of myself that seemingly went dormant and were now re-awakened. I did not hesitate to embrace my calling as a yoga teacher. It was my duty to share this immediately with others and I could not ignore that calling, so I dove right into teaching. The seeds of my intentions were planted.

spring-growth-smlFast-forward a couple years...

I had the opportunity to take over a local studio that was a space rental and, once again, dove right in, but with a new hat to wear, business owner/manager. My new mantra developed into TRUST IN THE PROCESS and so I did.

Even as I felt fulfilled as a teacher and business owner, I still had this nagging sensation that something was missing. There was a piece that was holding me back from feeling whole, not just as a practitioner, but as a human being. Then I started paying closer attention to the relationships I was developing with the renters who were using the space, and realized this connection was important to me. Another shift in my awareness was awakening. I had rather unintentionally manifested it. I was poised and ready, so I waited with intention, and reminded myself to TRUST IN THE PROCESS once more.

Heather-Inner-ExplorationsIn our practice, and in life, we have to let go of controlling outcomes and instead focus on our intentions. Even when we have clarity in our hearts, we don't have to struggle to find the answer. The answer comes to us when we learn to LISTEN, but we have to realize the answer may not be exactly what we thought it might have been. We may have to experience one thing in order for it to lead to another. That is the practice of yoga. The integration of all things.

I'll never forget the day Nancy invited me out for tea. She asked me this question: “What is it about managing your space that is the most fulfilling?” I remember the immediate response was COMMUNITY CONNECTION. It rolled off my tongue so easily, there was no hesitation. I realized that was it! That is what I wanted!

As I was already open to receive a shift in my life, it took very little time to say, "yes" when Nancy proposed the idea to join the Collective at YMWA this spring as the On-Site Events Manager. I TRUSTED IN THE PROCESS, and dove right in again. The seed that I planted years ago is now rooting and turning into a sapling. YMWA is truly a Center for Community. As an Academy, the teachings offered here create deep connection, that missing piece I have yearned for all these years.

Here are the reasons why I choose to be part of YMWA:

  • As the On-Site Events Manager it is my honor to integrate with community on a small scale but also catalyze a larger-scaled impact through the offerings of the practitioners, presenters, and teachers we have coming in and out our door every day. Our mission is to build community and connection through creative collaboration. Take a look at the list of our ongoing classes, trainings, and events, and you will see that we support this statement in-full.
  • At YMWA our foundation is truly built on a full-spectrum approach to what yoga has to offer-using modern approaches while still integrating the ancient teachings of sacred practice. This allows me to be authentic as a teacher.
  • “It's about the person, not the pose.” The intimate numbers of students in each class allow for personal attention to each person. You won't see many poses that look like the cover of a magazine; you will see many poses utilizing props and breath aligned with intelligent movement. At YMWA we stretch our minds through presence and awareness, work our lungs through conscious breath, and develop strength and resilience through mindfulness practice.

Are you ready to TRUST IN THE PROCESS and dive in deeper?

Let's connect.


Heather West, On-site Events Manager
RYT200 YogaMotion, LYB Certified
(406) 595-2595


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