The Deeper Meaning of Things

February 23, 2018
Feel Good.  Have Fun.  Live Well. As the YogaMotion Academy is undergoing a restructuring of programs and administration we, the Collective, have been brainstorming ways to more fully define in one short terse [...]

Natural Support for Inflammation

February 20, 2018
“I have only good things to say about Purium’s Joint-Flex capsules. I have been living with arthritis in my mid and lower back plus SI joint dysfunction for years, and this supplement is the only thing that has [...]

The Yoga of Intimacy

February 14, 2018
Will you be my Valentine? I have requested this for many years. And you always agree. Yes, ours is a lifelong love affair. It hasn’t always been easy, not by any means. There have been times of separation, [...]


February 14, 2018
Rituals are a wonderful doorway into meditation. Pausing at an altar or drinking your favorite morning beverage with mindful awareness are both invitations to savor the moment. Many successful meditators use [...]

Live Each Day to the Fullest

February 08, 2018
These are the words of wisdom that my dear friend, Barbara Beckett, offered to the multi-generational circle of women gathered in honor of her 85th birthday. With eyes sparkling beneath her tiara, Barb's playful [...]

A Case for Organic

February 06, 2018
Despite demonization of the word, STRESS is healthy and vitally necessary for an organism to grow in strength and vibrancy. If life is easy peasy gone are the opportunities to learn from our mistakes, develop [...]

Ways to make yourself miserable during meditation

February 04, 2018
Forcing yourself not to think. Wear uncomfortable clothes and sit in an position that hurts Meditate longer than you want to. Suppress your emotions. Making yourself sit completely still Expecting yourself to [...]


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