Grace & Gratitude

November 22, 2016
HOW GRATITUDE CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE A beautiful reading by Marelisa Fabrega graciously shared with you here

Helpful Tips for the Holidays…

November 17, 2016
Stay Healthy through the Season My tribe of Yoga Health Coaches as well as all of us at YogaMotion Academy, subscribe to these conscious living tips.

Delighting in a Digital Detox

November 03, 2016
Returning from my 8-day digital detox has set a mood of ease and confidence that life goes on just fine without constant contact through the internet. I can go a week without checking email and my life does not [...]

What is Yoga?

November 03, 2016
During every YogaMotion Teacher Training students write a paper on "What is Yoga?". It is their interpretation of what Yoga is for them. I love to read these papers and am often deeply moved by their heartfelt [...]


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