The Art of Aging

August 28, 2015
Healthy Living - Healthy Aging Yes, it's the Art of Aging, Aging with Grace, and Yoga for Healthy Aging. The title for this subject is evolving as I place my intention on sharing the benefits of increasing our [...]

YogaMotion's 44th Teacher Training starts next month!

August 26, 2015
This nine month life transforming journey to self leaves you feeling more real, true, authentic and empowered to be your best you. It also leaves you wanting to empower others to do the same. Our world needs more [...]

Announcing training for both teachers and students of Yoga

August 17, 2015
I am very excited to announce this upcoming training in October for both teachers and students of Yoga.

The Second Chakra & Essential Oils

The second chakra, SVADHISTHANA, is associated with the water element and creativity.

The First Chakra & Essential Oils

MULADHARA, the root chakra, is associated with our energetic connection to the Earth. Bringing our attention to our feet, legs and base of spine in our yoga practice helps us to connect with this energetic center. [...]

Being a student again...

“I love YogaMotion Academy and being a student again! This is a lifelong study and integration of self-empowerment to share with the world.” - Kim James, YM 2015 graduate


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