SAUCHA: Cleaning Up Our Act

November 19, 2014
The Eight Limbs of Yoga: An 18-week mini-course WEEK SEVEN: SAUCHA Through simplicity and continual refinement, the body, thoughts, and emotions become clear reflections of the Self within. Saucha revels our [...]

From the Kitchen Medicine Cabinet: Golden Milk

November 14, 2014
By Turi Hetherington, YM Marketing & Communications Specialist, Health Coach and Yoga Instructor The other day my husband mentioned that his joints ached. Since he’s opted to run instead of drive to and from work [...]

NIYAMAS: How Do You Live When No One is Watching?

November 12, 2014
The Eight Limbs of Yoga: An 18-week mini-course WEEK SIX: NIYAMAS - the second limb of yoga EVOLUTION TOWARD HARMONY Over the past five weeks we have reviewed and reflected on The Eight Limbs of Yoga starting with [...]

APARIGRAHA: Let It Go, Let It Flow

November 06, 2014
The Eight Limbs of Yoga:  An 18-week mini-course WEEK FIVE: APARIGRAHA Acknowledging abundance, we recognize the blessings in everything and gain insights into the purpose of our worldly existence. - SUTRA II.39

A letter of Inspiring Growth and Expansion from a YogaMotion Graduate

November 04, 2014
Love and Peace from the Prairies of North Dakota! Dear Nancy,


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