Living in Bliss - A six part series

July 25, 2013
FOUNDATION, Alignment, Intention, Adjust, Modify, Breathe Just as the practice of any Yoga pose serves as template for every day living, so too is YogaMotion’s 6 stages to an Asana easily translatable to 6 Stages [...]

Life Enrichment Course Helps this Graduate Live in the Moment

July 16, 2013
"Since beginning my journey in the YogaMotion Life Enrichment course, my life has changed in many ways." I have learned to slow down, be more present, let go of the uncontrollable, and listen to my heart and my [...]

Training Graduate Moves Towards Balance

July 16, 2013
"My relationship with yoga has changed over these past few months..." I have moved from having a primarily Asana-based practice to a more balanced practice. I moved from focusing on my physical strength (since it [...]

This Graduate is Sharing Her Passion

July 16, 2013
"This Yoga school has helped me tremendously to find my passion and confidence.  I find myself saying 'Yes!' more, and it is getting easier to speak.   This has transformed into a regular posting on [...]

Graduate Now Enjoys Yoga as a Way of Life

July 16, 2013
"This course has been incredibly transformational for me." Before the YogaMotion Training, yoga was just a set of classes I could take... I really did love the spiritual side of it when it was spoken to in the [...]

A Training Graduate Finds Strength, and More...

July 15, 2013
"I walked into the YogaMotion course at the beginning of a major life transition, having no idea how it would unfold. My hope was to be strong, stay strong, and come out stronger...


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